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July 10. 2012
A few days have now passed since our gig at Törebodafestivalen, our greatest live experience so far, the crowd was absolutely stunning! THANK YOU for the support! Regrettably, as we announced during the gig, with the end of the gig came the departure of our good friend and solid bass player Henric. Not going into further details, the decision was his own and the reasons were simply put personal with a couple minor issues adding up to enough lack of motivation to continue with us towards our current goals.

We are truly grateful for the good times and laughs you've given us on this journey Henke, thank you!! And we would also like to make your final words to us and our fans as a member of the band public:

"Thank you, being a part of this band and getting to know all the good people has been a really great experience. There couldn't have been any better end either, being on stage in front of the massive audience in Töreboda and delivering Winter Dawns greatest show so far. You were amazing! An experience I shall never forget... I hereby wish the guys in Winter Dawn all the best of luck and prosperity in their upcoming challenges. Once again, Thank you! /Henric"

Even though this feels a bit sad in many ways, we've been prepared for quite a while and will announce the replacement shortly, stay tuned!

June 9. 2012
We've been recording a few new songs lately, and to give you a hint of how things will sound the track My Desolation has now been released. We're also making the final preparations for the gig on Törebodafestivalen on Friday July 6th 24:00, see you there!

January 26. 2012
As of today, it is confirmed that Winter Dawn will be one of the heavier acts performing at Törebodafestivalen on July 5-7. More info on Törebodafestivalen. There is by the way also a few other interesting gigs soon to be confirmed, stay tuned!

January 2. 2012
And so a new year filled with interesting events begins! Our first gigs for 2012 are now confirmed and can be found on the gigs page.

December 24. 2011
HEAVY METAL XMAS! You can now download the just recently recorded song Avenged for free at the media page, where you can also find the lyrics.

Avenged was written by Johan in the very beginning of Winter Dawn, if not even back when the band was called Eternity and had a more straight-forward heavy metal sound. The song is to be considered a bonus track and isn't totally representative of our sound these days, but we still play it every once in a while to get the crowd going.

December 12. 2011
If you live in Sweden, you can now order Winter Dawn t-shirts, check out our merchandise page for more information!

November 1. 2011
Thanks to everyone who attended the gig in Hova, and horns up for the great performance by Sideburn! The release of the new songs have been a bit delayed due to Simons struggle with illness, but we will hopefully enter the studio again next week. Some good news though, we can hardly believe how many t-shirts we've managed to sell already, big thanks for the support! New ones will be printed soon since we ran out of size L and need some other sizes as well.

Another gig is coming up, on the best day of the year (11/11/11, the release date of Skyrim, Sonata Arctica - Live in Finland, Nightwish - Storytime etc.) in Ungdomens hus in Tibro. We'll hit the stage at around 19, then head straight for the Pain + Raubtier gig in Mariestad. Hoping you all will follow, Winter Dawn (Anders)

October 15. 2011
There's a lot going on right now! Me and Adde have for example just finished creating the new design for the website. This week we also received a bunch of t-shirts which you can buy from members or at our gigs for 150 SEK. We are also in the process of moving to another place to rehearse which is a bit bigger and closer to most members.

On October 29. we will play a gig in Hova, where you can expect a guest assisting us in performing a new song! On top of this we're currently recording two songs which we hope to release in a few weeks, they're quite old songs that we've played live for a while but haven't recorded properly yet. For more updates make sure to follow us on Facebook, stay metal! /Anders

July 6. 2011
Our first official music video are now uploaded so you can watch it on our youtube channel. The song is a cover on Lady Gaga:s Bad Romance. /Adde

July 4. 2011
Now you can listen to our new EP on spotify. We also like to inform you all that our first official video will be released later this week!

May 15. 2011
Our new EP "Dead Under the Sun" has finally been released! We had a great time on the release gig in Hova yesterday, and if you missed this chance to buy your own copy of the EP you can listen to the songs on our official Youtube channel in the meantime. The EP has also been submitted to Spotify and will be available this summer.

January 21st 2011
Long time no see! The site has now been updated with a bit of visual enhancement and other nifty stuff. Just look at that icicle blocking your sight, awesome eh?! Some additional graphics, pictures and other things will be added in a near future to better suit the new 5-song EP we're recording.

We're almost done with the recordings, with our new singer Simon for the first time by the way, and hope for a release this spring accompanied by at least one music video. Expect a tighter and more dynamic release with more brutality, still not lacking the melodic elements from previous releases. In February you'll have the chance to see us live at least three times, check the tour page for more info! /Anders

August 14th 2010
We regret to inform you that Hilda no longer is a part of Winter Dawn. It was a mutual decision since she's soon moving to Stockholm with her boyfriend and would no longer be able to contribute as much to the band as would have been needed. We're really grateful for the time you spent with us and wish you all the best Hilda!

This means it's time to start looking for a new singer. If you think you have what it takes, feel free to contact us on or The next Winter Dawn gig will take place in Töreboda gästhamn next saturday 19:00 and will feature quite a few interesting covers!

April 28th 2010
Apparently, Spotify has an incredibly long queue for new music to be added so we're still waiting to get our demos out there, have patience! Two gigs have been confirmed in the near future, take a look at the tour page! We're playing a few new songs that haven't been played live yet, and which are also soon to be recorded.

February 2nd 2010
Our demos Beyond Redemption and Wishing Well are now available for purchase online through, see the discography page! In a few weeks, you will also be able to listen to these songs on Spotify. Many thanks to Kris for making this possible!

December 16th 2009
Winter Dawn will be playing on Emergenza festival in Gothenburg 23 january (saturday 20:30)! We'll play a new song that hasn't been recorded or played live yet, don't miss it!

September 10th 2009
We regret to inform you that the gig on saturday 12th has been postponed to a yet unknown date due to bad weather forecasts.

September 5th 2009
Finally, the new demo "Wishing Well" has been released, contact us if you want a copy! We'll initiate the release by playing a short gig in Grästorp saturday 12th.

July 11th 2009
Today is the day after our probably best performance ever, even though we didn't have quite as big an audience as in Töreboda last week. Hope we didn't make anyone disappointed by not showing up for the after party inside Vera-magasinet. We saw how overpopulated the place was, and went to the hotel instead. Now that the "summer tour" is over, we'll concentrate on finishing the demo and start working on new material! By the way, as you might have noticed, we've updated some graphics on both this web site and our myspace to better fit the theme of the new demo.

June 29th 2009
We're almost finished recording the new demo, but we won't be able to release it in a little while because we've got a few things to fix, and our producer Christer will be on vacation. Be sure not to miss our gigs in Töreboda and Hova though! We'll attend an after party at VeraMagasinet, Torggatan 17 in Hova after our gig 10th of july if anyone wants to hang out and drink some beer with us! ;)

June 7th 2009
It's now confirmed that we'll enter the stage at Törebodafestivalen 16:30 on saturday 4th of july, and we'll be playing at Hova riddarvecka friday 10th of july as well! We'll enter the studio next weekend to start recording 4 of our new songs. It'll hopefully be a smooth process since we've been rehearsing these songs for quite some time.

May 14th 2009
Let's start with some bad news. Sadly, we have to inform that the gig in Mariestad tomorrow is cancelled due to the other bands not being able to perform for various reasons. On the positive hand however, we have a new concert intro available to you that we recorded yesterday, and we're also happy to announce that we'll be entering the studio to record a few new songs within the next month!

April 15th 2009
Long time no see! We're working on new material, and at the moment we have 6-7 new songs that haven't been recorded yet. The next gig will be held together with a few other bands at Elvärket in Mariestad on May 15. We're also planning a photo session soon!

January 22th 2009
There's a new video up from our gig in Rörsås on december 21. The song is "Face the Storm", and it sounds way better when Hilda sings and when we have a sound technician. But at least it's something new for you to watch. :)

January 18th 2009
Today is the day after our biggest gig so far at Emergenza festival in Gothenburg. It wasn't the tightest performance ever, but we had a great time anyway, and we got some good response from the audience! We missed the qualification by a mere 4 votes, but there are still 8 bands to be announced by the organizers as "wild cards".

January 1st 2009
Happy new year, dear fans! We've just had our first rehearsal of the year, and things are looking promising for our upcoming gig in Gothenburg.

December 22th 2008
"The third, the magical". Our third gig in Rörsås together with Core 61 was our most successful so far even though we didn't have a sound technician, Hilda was on a ski trip, I had a fever, and Johan was getting sick as well. But we had some great fun! Now it's time to start rehearsing like mad for Emergenza. -- Anders

December 7th 2008
On january 17th some time after 20:00, Winter Dawn will be playing in the first round of Emergenza festival 2009 in Musikens hus, Gothenburg!

December 5th 2008
It seems that the listeners of the local radio station weren't an optimal target group for our music just yet, but we got a bit of publicity at least. Make sure to free yourself from all kinds of pointless activities on sunday 21 december as we're having a gig together with External Torment in Ullervad! It's not 100% confirmed yet, but we'll get back to you as soon as we know for sure.

Yesterday Robin and Henric went to Gothenburg to apply to Emergenza demo band festival 2009. The initial rounds will be held at Musikens Hus and Sticky Fingers Top Floor (Gothenburg) during week 3 and 4, but the specific date hasn't been announced yet. Make sure to be there to drop us a vote!

November 27th 2008
As was mentioned earlier, Winter Dawn appeared on a radio show today. The interview came along alright and now we're hoping to stay on the chart for a couple of weeks!

We've also started adjusting the website to include information about our new singer Hilda. Now we only need some personal information and pictures.

November 26th 2008
Tomorrow thursday 27th at approximately 10:40, Winter Dawn will appear on a show on the radio station "P4 Skaraborg" with the song "Angel in the Lake" and an interview with Anders!

November 17th 2008
We've now moved to another place to rehearse, Elvärket in Mariestad. We rehearsed in there for the first time this saturday. It took some time to adjust the sound properly, but it's coming along alright. Tomorrow we'll have a look at a new PA and start going through all the songs with our new (and hopefully permanent) singer!

October 23rd 2008
Updated with some new info on the band members. A few days ago I put up a ballad version of one of my songs that we might be playing live in the future, called "Lost in the Sea". Don't forget to check out the new layout on our myspace!

October 13th 2008
The new site is up and running, and under construction.

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