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Winter Dawn - Cape Farewell

Music: Johan Uvesten
Lyrics: Johan Uvesten, Anders Dahlén

It's been months since the last time I saw you
Got a picture of you in my mind
Remember the nights when I slept by your side
There's so many answers that I need to find

Sail across endless waters
I wish you were here
Tied my hands at the bow of my ship
To miss a glimpse of your beauty is what I fear

I will tear down the universe
You stole a piece of my heart

Guide my ship through the reefs
I have sailed all seven seas
Starlit sky, show the way
Sleepless nights, restless days
If we one day arrive at world's end
Will I have what it takes to descend?

While the picture of you is still present
Assemble and wait for the tide
My compass is broken still I'll try to find
The token of reason deluding my mind

Reaching our final journey
Feeling a silent breeze
The sirens are calling, abandon your quest
Indoctrination, insanity, true reveries

I will tear down the universe
You stole a piece of my heart


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