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Winter Dawn - Marielle

Music and lyrics: Anders Dahlén

I've never seen things this way
Absence changes intentions
Living treasure out of this world
Unpolished but still a diamond
Wearing that smile and linen dress
Rough edges defying the truth
In these times of misfortune
Take what I have
There's nothing left to lose
But I hope there will be one day

Threw all my courage
Into the wishing well
On scarlet petals
I'll lay you down Marielle

A token of an old friend's love
Is that what you'd wish for?
Left on your doorstep one night
My blessing for an untold future
Seven little beads embroidered
Onto a red gown of pure silk
Four to your family's good fortune
Two for us
One to our unborn child
Seven seals through eternity

I played my whole hand
Left my whole heart
Emptied my whole mind
But not my whole pocket
How will you find me now?


Who could've known?
She threw a lock of hair and asked to see
That's when we finally met by that well


Regained my courage
From our newborn child
On scarlet petals
My valentine Marielle

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