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Winter Dawn - Unspoken (Secrets of Evermore)

Music: Johan Uvesten & Anders Dahlén
Lyrics: Johan Uvesten

It´s cold outside
I fear this cage won't hold me
Terrifies me now
My shadow crawls towards that room
My mind can't find any answers

Lived for nothing
Dead from falling
Left to be alone
Fight for justice
Betrayed from one kiss
What will I become?

In the wind, see the sign
A place for you and me
From a heart so hollow
Empty memories
Through your eyes
Will I see
The truth that lies beyond
But the words unspoken
Secrets of evermore, evermore

The fallen snow can't hide my 
Darkened secret from your wounded heart
The coming storm will tear us down
My love for you burned to ashes

You can not find the pieces
From my broken heart
You were the light in the dark

Lived for nothing
Pray for something
Wash my sins away
Fight for justice
Die for one kiss
What will I become?


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