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Winter Dawn - Where Wings Are Torn

Music: Anders Dahlén, Johan Uvesten
Lyrics: Anders Dahlén

How does one fly
When nailed to the ground
By gravity still bound
I'm awake, I'm awake in this scarytale
How does one fly
When raised in a wilderness
So meaningless

Where seasons leave no mark
Where snowflakes are ash
And the summer days are dark

Tell me a tale of a wintry vale
With birds in the breeze over golden fields
Where kings are born
Spare me the tales of the barren wastes
With burning debris all across dead fields
Where wings are torn

How does one find
A reason to live
With nothing left to give
Can you see, I can see all the suffering
How does one find (someone)
To love and embrace
In a godforsaken place

Where radiation leaves its mark
And caustic raindrops
Rid all trees of bark


Losing my wings, losing my wings
Of imagination so take me away
From the fields where wings are torn


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